240604: How criticial is art criticism? Discussion arranged by Swedish AICA , Svenska Konstkritikersamfundet, and Konstfrämjandet.








  240430: Harsh review of Sara Broos latest film "Shards".


240410: Pod together with editor Robert Stasinski on the aftermath of the "photograph with the dick"-debate and an undercurrent of metoo on the Swedish photo scen. Listen (in Swedish) here.







  240409: Pod-essay on the drama that followed my slaugther of Anders Petersens "City Diary" exhibition at Hasselblad Center. Listen (in Swedish) here.


240415: Sharp criticism of the Swedish right-wing government's horrific neoliberal and commercial vision of cultural politics. Read it (in Swedish) here.

  240319: Welcome to join the discussion about the 2.5D artist book at Hornstulls bokhandel with critic and writer Valerie Kyeyune Backström and me!

  231207: Podcast-debut! Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, The Artist Association in Sweden, has a magazine, Konstnären, and now a podcast by the same name. In the second issue I participate in a talk about class and (lack of) money in the art world. Listen (in Swedish!) here.

  231130: Release for my 2.5D artist book at Konstfrämjandet!

  231129: Panel discussion at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm, following my critical comment in Dagens Nyheter earlier this autumn, about the absence of the Academy in the public discussion, especially at this moment when contemporary art is threatened by budget cuts committed by ignorant politicians. See more here.


231125: My review of Women in Revolt - Art and Activism in the UK 1970-1990 at Tate Britain, and Re/Sisters - A Lens on Gender and Ecology at Barbican Centre is up at Dagens Nyheter or read it here.



  231123: Read my review of Happily ever after at Malmö Konstmuseum and why it is a problem when curators try to squeeze in pieces from the collection into a very specific theme here

  231110: Finally, the 2.5D-book is underways being printed. The official release will be at Konstfrämjandet Swedenborgsgatan in Stockholm, on November 30! Bring a friend and buy the book for a great price, and toast in bubble rosé with the artist!


231109: Konstakademien, The Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, founded in 1735, has invited Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, The Artist's Organisation, to discuss the role of the Academy in the political debate, as an answer to my comment about their lack of public voice in a situation where art is threatened by budget cuts and trespasses on artistic freedom from politicians. I will take part in the panel discussion. Hope to see you there! (In Swedish)

  231030: In the latest issue of FORM Magazine, published by Svensk Form, I have an essay about the exhibition and publication Retrotopia - Design for socialist spaces, that showed at the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin this summer. Read The future was better before in English here.

  231001: I am asking the Royal Academy of Fine Art why they are not engaged in the debate when art is being threatened by budget cuts and general disrespect in Sweden. Read it here (in Swedish).

  230926: This personal text about when you approach 50 and realize that almost everyone who is left on the art scene are those artists that have money in their family, and how gaslighted you have been during all those years. The text stirred up a lot of feelings in the Swedisha artist community, among all those that are not rich and had to compete with the lucky ones that never had to have a salary day job and thus could go all in with their artistic career. Read it (in Swedish) here.


230914: Read my essay on a trend in contemporary photo, and a different history of photography, based in care and love, featuring Kora from Sicyon, Veronicas and her veil, Roland Barthes mother and more, for Kunstkritikk here (in Swedish).













230913: Lecturing on the topic of artistic freedom - What is it? Where does it come from? And Why is it threatened today in the Swedish political climate?











230817: My review of Martha Wilsons latest show Invisible - Works on aging at FRAC Sud Marseille in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here (in Swedish).












230804: Installing a simple version of Life in 2.5 dimensions at this year's Blånagla Art Fest in Husum, Västernorrland.












230801: Test print of my latest artist book Life in 2.5 dimensions - 20x20 cm, 168 pages. See more about the project here.













230720:Commentary about how older ladies are carrying the cultural life in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here (in Swedish).










  230706: Comment on the new nationalist rhetoric in Swedish cultural politics during Almedalen 2023. Read it here (in Swedish).


230626: Read my review of the interesting exhibition Bohemia - History of an idea 1950-2000 at Kunsthalle Praha here (in Swedish).




230617: Review of Flashes of memory at Museum für Fotografie, Berlin in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here (in Swedish)


230614: Review of Ragnar Kjartanssons retrospective Epic waste of love and understanding at Louisiana. Read it here (in Swedish).

  230605: My latest comment is about neoliberal sexual capital and the return of love as a topic in art... Read it here (in Swedish)

  i230418: Read my review of Laurie Anderson's retrospective, (or is it?) at Moderna museet Stockholm in Kunstkritikk. In English here and in Swedish here.

  230327: Wrote a comment on "invisible work", when women continuously do a lot of small non-status caring tasks at home and at work and men as a group benefit from it. Read it here.


230316: Published a personal story about being severly ghosted by a curator who promised me the moon but in the end disappered without doing nothing. I wrote this to raise a debate about the working conditions in the art world, not just about artist fees and contracts, but the lack of normal courtesy. The text stirred up a lot of feelings among artists on social media. Read it here.





  230315: Wrote a positive review of Tuấn Andrew Nguyễns exhibition at Marabourparken Konsthall - read it here

230311: Wrote a quite negative review of the latest exhibition with 19th century female painters at Waldemarsudde - read it here

  February 11, 2023: Wrote a review of the interesting exhibition Femme Fatale - Blick, Macht, Gender at Hamburger Kunsthalle, for Dagens Nyheter. Read it here!


February 1, 2023: Writing about the threat towards free art coming from different directions, neoliberalism, fascism, the current Swedish government and also instrumentalising. For Dagens Nyheter. Read the text here.









January 29, 2023: Reviewing a new research anthology on metoo in Sweden, the reception in the media and the judicial system etc. For Dagens Nyheter. Read it here.







  December 9, 2022: The latest issue of Konstnären Magazine has the theme Self Image... Read my text on the meaning of travelling and residencies for the artist here (in Swedish)

  December 7, 2022: #konstnärligfrihet, the metoo appeal in the Swedish art world, celebrates 5 years today. I wrote a comment for Dagens Nyheter for the occasion, about the jubilee and on new research published in Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap. Read it here (in Swedish).

  November 23, 2022: My review of Queer-ness in Photography at C/O Berlin in Dagens Nyheter . Read it here (in Swedish).

  November 10, 2022: Published a review of Nan Goldins retrospective This will not end well at Moderna museet, Stockholm. Read it here (in Swedish).


October 27, 2022: Christer Strömholm: Porträtt i Paris at Nationalmuseum get's a somewhat critical review by me in Konstguiden. See here (in Swedish)









  October 13, 2022: My latest review in Dagens Nyheter is of an exhibition with renaissance drawings at Nationalmuseum. Read it here (in Swedish).

  September 28, 2022: From now on I am contributing with reviews of selected international exhibitions to the Swedish Art Guide / Konstguiden - you can find it in paper 3 times a year in galleries and exhibition spaces all over the country, or free online. Read my review of Louise Bourgeois exhbition The Woven Child at Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin here.

  September 11, 2022: I wrote an analysis of Orlan's photo and performance "Le Baiser de l'Artiste from 1977, featured in this year's Rencontres d'Arles. Read it here or online in Fotografisk tidskrift.

  August 21, 2022: Read my latest review for Dagens Nyheter, of Rencontres d'Arles here (in Swedish).

  Agustu 6, 2022: Opening of my solo show The artist travelogue: Part 1: Hemingway and me at Ånge railway station / art museum, as part of Triennalen Västernorrland. the piece consists of a paper xerox-collage of images of Heminway nad me spending time in the same citites, accompanied by a voice over telling the memoirs of us both.


July 23, 2022: Comment on this years Venice Biennal and crititque of surrealism. Read it here (In Swedish).

  July 9, 2022: Comment about cultural politics and Almedalen in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here (In Swedish).

  June 19, 2022: My review of the 12th Berlin Biennale is published in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here (in Swedish).

  June 17, 2022: Analyse of the changes in the concept of contemporary art that has happened after the millenium, towards the artist as a good person, in contrast to modernism conflict-oriented artist. Published in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here (in Swedish)

  June 2, 2022: I have written a political comment on fourth wave feminism, male babies, metoo, separatism as politcal strategy and grassroot organisation on social media. Read it online here (in Swedish).

  May 21, 2022: Reading my text on Hemingways travels and my own for the audience at the opening of the Triennal at Västernorrlands museum.

  May 21, 2022: Opening speeches at theTriennal. With project initiator Helena Byström from Konstfrämjandet Västernorrland, curator Björn Norberg, regional art developer Sebastian Andersson and Kajsa Hartig, head of Västernorrlands museum.

  May 2022: Working on a lecture perform-ance, an artist travelogue for the opening of Triennalen Västernorrland May 21 at Västernorrlands museum.

  May 13, 2022: Today I'm doing a lecture on the history of the Salon d'art for a seminar with the network of art consultants working for the regions of Sweden... (Sveriges konstkonsulenter!)

  April 29, 2022: I wote a comment for Dagens Nyheter on art politics and the lack of safety systems for artists, such as pensions, sick leave and parental leave. Read the whole thing here (in Swedish).

  April 17, 2022: My review of A new art - photography and impressionism at Museum Barberini in Potsdam is published in todays Dagens Nyheter. Read it here (in Swedish)

  April 13, 2022: My latest essay on postcards as a social medium is broadcasted today! Listen to it here (in Swedish!)

  March 5, 2022: My latest review of two interesting shows in Barcelona on masks and face recognition is up on Dagens Nyheters site. Read it here!


February 24, 2022: My latest radio essay on the Stendhal Syndrome and Museum Fatigue is up on Swedish National Public Radio, SR for the broadcast OBS i P1
Hear it here!

  February 10-13, 2022: I'm in Barcelona to write a review of two interesting exhibitions, La màscara menteix mai at CCCB and Face Control at Fundació Foto Colectania for Dagens Nyheter. This is a still from an interactive piece by Trevor Paglen, where and AI recognized me as "licentiate", which means that it was smarter that those who decide who are going to get phd positions at Swedish Art Academies...

  January 30, 2022: My review of Songs of the Sky - Photography and the cloud at C/O Berlin is published in Dagens Nyheter. Readi it HERE (in Swedish).

  January 21, 2022: Today I recorded two new essays for "OBS i P1", Swedish Public National Radio, They will be broadcasted during the spring. One was on my trip to Florence last summer when I was stricken with a touch of Stendhals syndrome, and on "museum fatigue" a common diagnosis in the late 19th century. The other essay is on the rise and fall of a social media called postcards. Watch out for links to the essays soon! & Morris Wikström is a brilliant editor!

  January 10-14, 2022: This week I'm in the calm and beautiful little city of Simrishamn, doing a workshop for art students on writing about your own artistic practice. At dawn I take walks by the sea. Like a reatreat.

  January 7-9, 2022: I'm in Berlin this weekend to write a review of this interesting exhibition on clouds, photography and the cloud, at C/O Berlin. In Dagens Nyheter shortly! Look out for screenshot soon.


December 30, 2021: My review of Enfin le cinéma! at Musée d'Orsay in Paris is published in todays paper. Enjoy it here (in Swedish!)


December 16-29 2021: I am in residence at Institut Suédois in the Marais quartier of Paris for two weeks. Interior of my room with a view over the courtyard of Hôtel de Marle.


December 16, 2021: My review of Masculinities: Liberation through photography at FOMU,. Photomuseum in Antwerpen, is published in today's DN.
Read it here (in Swedish).

  October 23, 2021: My review of photo exhibition L'image et son double at Centre Pompidou in Paris is published in Aftonbladet Kultur. Read the text here in the paper, and here on my website.

  September 23, 2021: My latest review for Dagens Nyheter is published. It's about a Ett eget rum / A room of one's own, a historical exhibition on the artist role of the 1880s, and particularly about the nordic women who went to Paris in pursue of artistic development and a new freedom. Read it in the paper here or on my webpage here.

  September 14: Check out the online version of Life in 2.5 dimensions at Research Catalogue through this QR code!


August 23-26, 2021: The radio version of Life in 2.5 dimensions is sent as an essay in four parts Monday to Thursday on Swedish National Public Radio; Sveriges Radio P1. Listen to the whole thing here (in Swedish): OBS P1: Livet i 2,5 dimensioner

  July 31, 2021: My review of Neïl Beloufas retrospective Digital Mourning at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca in Milano is published in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here at DN or here on my site. (In Swedish!)


July 22, 2021: My review of Send me an image at C/O Berlin is published in Dagens Nyheter. Read it here. (In Swedish!)


July 18, 2021: My review of Forensic Architectures exhibition Investigative Commons at Haus der Kulturen der Welt is published in Aftonbladet. Read it here!










  July 7, 2021: Today I'm at Radiohuset, Swedish Public National Radio, to record my long essay based on Life in 2.5 dimensions in a 4 chapters radio version for OBS i P1, a program for cultural essays. The series will be broadcasted middle of August. Link will come up as soon as it is published.

  June 17-20, 2021: Writing a review on Investigative Commons, a show with several works by Forensic Architecture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. Read it here: Aftonbladet Kultur

  June 17-20, 2021: I am back as an art critic. Just had a little break for like... two decades! ;-) Then woke up one day and felt I have some things to say about the current development of contemporary art. I will not review my Swedish colleagues or institutions I am exhibiting at of course. Instead I will focus on larger thematic exhibitions abroad. Right now I am in Berlin to review two interesting shows. Here: Send me an image at C/O Berlin for Dagens Nyheter. (To be published in July).

  June 2021: Travelogue studies continue...

  May 26, 2021: The exposition version of Life in 2.5 dimensions is now up on researchcatalogue.net

  May 13, 2021: Life in 2.5 dimensions now has it's own insta account, streaming the 40 episodes - follow it here!

  May 12, 2021: I will be in residence here at Institut Suédois, in Marais in Paris upcoming December, to do research on the Swedish fin de siècle painter, art critic, anarchist, and extensive traveller Ivan Aguéli.

  April 25, 2021: The last chapters of Life in 2.5 dimensions are being edited. Just finished number 38 and number 39 is on it's way! See them on Vimeo.

  April 7, 2021: Research has begun for my new art project: The Artist Travelogue - a meta study on the significance of travelling for the concept of romantic-modern-contemporary art & literature & the social role of the artist / author in western tradition... + travel as a structure for storytelling. First step: back to university! This autumn I will finish my candidate thesis in literature, the first subject I started at Sthlm University inthe fall of 1995. 📖

  February 2021: Working on a new piece on women's emotional labour for this show in Sundsvall to open on March 27.

  January 17, 2021: The last chapters of Life in 2.5 dimensions are being edited! 37 of 40 chapters are finished so far and the rest are coming this month. The project is finishing up with the artist book version this spring. A new project is around the corner!


January 14, 2021: Another corona-treat! The whole 700 pages Ukiyo Diary Artist Book from 2014 is now online in low res version on my website. :o Check it out here:

  January 13, 2021: Our old webite 0s1s.net is down, but as a treat the whole catalogue from the last 0s+1s exhibition; The future was at her fingertips, at Södertälje Konsthall in 2018, that sums up all the work we did on feminism and technology over five years with the collective is now online! Enjoy it here: TFWAHF CATALOGUE

  December 2020: Editing and designing Life in 2.5 dimensions - the artist book. Available in stores early spring 2021!


  October 27, 2020: In Sundsvall together with artist Helena Byström, visiting Sundsvalls museum to start up our work for a project based on the collections of the museum, for an upcoming exhibition, opening in March.

  September 9, 2020: Swedish daily paper Göteborgs-posten publishes a review of my exhibition at Galleri 54. "Important and latently scaring exhibition".

  September 5, 2020: Opening of Life in 2.5 dimensions at Galleri 54, Gothenburg! The exhibition is open until September 27, Tuesday-Friday 13-17, Saturday-Sunday 12-16.

  August 28, 2020: Preparations for my opening of Life in 2.5 dimensions at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg on Sept 5!

  August 21, 2020: Guldkant på tillvaron (idiomatic expression in Swedish that can be translated as ’silver lining on existence’). From the square, an inconsiderable grey concrete staircase leads up to Rågsveds-vägen. Here, people run to catch the bus to work and on the way they pass Sweden's oldest preserved graffiti painting. The stairs are also the entrance to the youth centre,
where the punk band Ebba Grön had their first gig in 1978. Many today middle-aged Stockholmers remember their first teenage disco at the youth centre in the 80s and 90s. In recent years, several young rappers from Rågsved have been successful by telling their stories in musical form. After a spring and summer with a pandemic crisis, social isolation and financial difficulties, without parties or dancing, it's time for some glamour! The public piece Guldkant på tillvaron is an attempt to bring some happiness into everyday life. The work was commissioned by Stockholm Art Council, curated by Frida Cornell.

  June 22, 2020: Galleri Syster in Luleå, the only feminist gallery in Sweden, has been producing shows with feminist artist's since 2006. (I exhibited there in 2018). The latest year they have been working on a local research project collecting stories from older women in the northern region, about their cultural self-organising. I participated in a seminar in November, and did a lecture about feminist organising methods, my own work and activism, as well as the importance of writing our own histories. Now there is a publication called Jag är din syster (I am your sister), with a contribution by me. Read more here about the project (in Swedish): Kvinnlig kulturbaserad historieskrivning i norr.

  June 20, 2020: It's here! The anthology on art based research published by professor of emotional sociology Masayuki Okahara at Keio University, Tokyo. Performance artist Hiroko Tsuchimoto and myself have written a text on our collaborative performance workshops on emotional labour we did during 2018. Our chapter is called Contemporary art and emotional management. The text is only available in Japanese though. :o Link to the book here.


June 2020: Applied for a job as Professor of Fine Art. Did not get it but at least I was evaluated as eligible for a professorship, with this nice description of my practice. ;-)



  June 20, 2020: I have been accepted to a part time course at Uniarts, Stocholm, for the autumn semester: To create an artistic research project. So excited develop my practice further towards artistic research!

  June 2020: Prolonged application deadline for Grafikskolan in Stockholm, where I am teaching a special theory course on reproducability of images during art history. The school has a legendary one year course in artists books that I highly recommend! Often taken by professional artists, photographers and graphic designers who want to develop their practice.


June 9, 2020: Commissioned by the City of Stockholm to do a public piece in the suburban center at Rågsved, to be presented in August. Working on something participatory on the topic of community. More info soon. Read more about the project here: (In Swedish): Stockholm konst sommarutställning

  June 5, 2020: Konstnären Magazine (The Artist) is published 4 times a year by Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, KRO, (The Swedish Artists' Organisation). This summer's issue features a long text by me that questions authoritarian teaching traditions within art education and how these practices have been outdated after #metoo... With examples from my 5 years at the art academy, and my 6 years of teaching. Read it in Swedish here: En ny era för ateljésamtalet

  April-June 2020: The last months of this semester as art teacher for the fundational years 1&2 at Konstskolan i Stockholm, Folkuniversitetet, was spent doing studio visits and discussions through zoom...

  May, 2020: Corona-treat! Uploading of all the 40 + 10 chapters from my video work Life in 2.5 dimensions is underways. Find them under the heading in the panel to the left. Enjoy! <3

  March, 2020: Working as a special advisor on the admission board for the Master Programme in Documentary processes at Stockholm University of the Arts.

  March 8, 2020: I lecture at Skellefteå City Library about the metoo-movement and specifically my experience with working with #konstnärligfrihet (artistic freedom) the appeal for the Swedish Art World.

  February 29, 2020: Opening of Life in 2.5 dimensions, the new version, at Verkstad Konsthall in Norrköping.


  February 29, 2020: More local press!

  February 27, 2020: Local newspaper Norrköpings tidningar writes about Life in 2.5 dimensions today.

  February 25, 2020: The posters have arrived!


February 24-26, 2020: Exhibition installation underways at Verkstad Konsthall in Norrköping with help of the fantastic crew: curator Madelene Gunnarsson, technician Cecilia Castro (picture) & assistant Valeria Valdes from the Verkstad art organisation. Nice to be prepared well in advance with the physical part of the piece... But I will be editing the files until last minute! Opening Saturday February 29 14-18. Hired undercover sakura workers will be attending the opening. Pink bubble wine and candy for the art audience!



  March 5, 2020: Together with professor of radio Bengt Bok from SKH, Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, Stockholm Universiity of the Arts, we will discuss the use of documentary storytelling and footage in video installations, as part of the yearly documentary festival Tempo, in Sthlm. This year the theme is "family", in an extended sense of the word. I will be discussing the Japanese rental-family industry, that is one of the topics of my latest projects.

  February 5, 2020: Invited to speak at the small conference Montage as method, by Mapping the Unjust City, a collaboration between Paula Urbano, Elof Hellström, Maryam Fanni, Åsa Johansson and Sarah Kim, all currently in residence at Iaspis, International Artists Studio Programme in Sweden. I talked about my piece Feminism and weapons on export, on how I used montage, digital compositing, humour and facts in the video essay format among other things. Together with invited speaker Kim West we discussed dialectical montage in critical art, Berthold Brecht and Georges Didi-Hubermans book about Brechts collage work Kriegsfibel etc.

  January 2020: Working on my solo show Life in 2.5 dimensions coming up at Verkstad Konsthall next month. For the opening on February 29, an undercover art audience will be rented, unknowing of each other. You can never be sure who is paid to appreciate contemporary art and who is there out of free will...


January 2020: New year! Time to update portfolio in in Indesign...

  January 2020: Back in my studio att Mejeriet, Liljeholmen, Stockholm. Preparing for new adventures in a fresh decade. <3

  December 2019: Discussing future exhibitions of the Life in 2.5 dimensions installation with two galleries in Tokyo at the moment. One of them is an artist run space for theatre and contemporary art that also hosts a café, BUoY, in the picture, a well known alternative art space in Kita-Senju.


December 2019: In Tokyo to finish my work Life in 2.5 dimensions. Interviewed three geishas about emotional, performative and aesthetic labour, and kept contact with some of the participants in the project, performance artist Seiko Kitayama, professor of emotional sociology Masayuki Okahara and the man who coined the concept rental-family, CEO of sakura-agency Hagemashi-tai Ryuichi Ichinokawa.




November 2019: A collaboration between Belarus and Sweden, Status Project published the book Artistic practice and social change which includes a short and very emotional memoir of the work we in the admin group did with the appeal for the Swedish art world #konstnärligfrihet (artistic freedom). Read the text here.




  October 28 - November 1, 2019: This week I am doing some guest research at Umeå Art Academy on the educational format of the studio visit. The task is to formulate some "reflection points" for students and teachers, important things to think about and take responsibiity for when going into the delicate situation of the coaching session, the indvidual meeting between student and teacher. To my help I have this brilliant thesis by sociologist Christian Wideberg, plus texts by among others Jacques Rancière & Paulo Freire, my own experiences from studio visits both as teacher and student, as well as conversations with artists and students recalling helpful and less helpful meetings..

  October 7-11, 2019: Doing a workshop this week at Umeå Art Academy with BA1 students, designed to help them understanding the transition between preparatory art school / fundational year, and the academic levet. Together we are reading and discussing various critical perspecitves on the art scene, its instituions, and the traditions behind academic art education. A though week, but very intrumental for the future.


  September 27, 2019: Opening at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, curated by Neue Gesellschaft fur bildende Kunst, Berlin: Up in Arms. Curators Ayşe Güngör, Cassandra Mehlhorn, Gabriela Seith, Amalie Sølling & Johanna Werner: Opening speaches.


  Concentrated audience watching 50 minutes Feminism and weapons on export.



September 27, 2019: "The focus of the exhibition project is the emancipatory potential of art. Art ›up in arms‹ challenges us to take a closer look: at the weapons exploding in distant places while generating profits that benefit us here. Artists and NGOs work together on this project to shed light on the international arms trade. In the exhibition space as well as in public space in Berlin, questions will be raised: What role does the arms trade and its lobby networks play today? What role has it played historically? And how can we join arms against it?"




  September 15, 2019: Working on my contribution to next issue of Swedish art Magazine Paletten. Life in 2.5 dimensions - the feature article, will be out on Sept 28!


  September 15, 2019: Editing video still for Life in 2.5 dimensions - the magazine feature, for Palettens next issue. Cognitariat worker thinking hard about emotional, performative and aesthetic labour in the 21st century. When capitalism wants workers to express themselves, produce emotions, ambiences and other immaterial products, what is left for the artist to do...?! Maybe become rational and analyse how capitalism kidnapped artistic expression...?


  September 9-13, 2019: View over the river from the seminar room where my workshop on collaboration and group dynamics with BA2 at Umeå Art Academy is taking place this week.

  September 3, 2019: Working in the studio in Wedding, at Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin.

  September 2019: During the month of September I will be in residence at Insitut fur alles Mögliche in Berlin! For more info see: I-A-M.


Summer 2019: Editing in the studio, working on the final version of Life in 2.5 dimensions, the video installation. The project has 38 chapters and is based on the text Life in 2.5 dimensions, read it in English or Swedish

  July 2019: News! My video installation Life in 2.5 dimensions will be shown at Verkstad Konsthall in Norrköping, in February 2020! Exact dates to be confirmed.


  July, 2019. My essay Life in 2.5 dimensions is now online on my web page, in English and Swedish! Read it here.


  June 3-4, 2019: Acting as external examinator for the 2nd year final exhibtion at Österlen School of Art & Design, situated in Simrishamn, Sweden. View over the harbour from the school.

  April 26, 2019: Good news! Life in 2.5 dimensions will be shown as a solo exhibition at artist run Galleri 54 in Gothenburg September 4-27, 2020!

  April 23-26, 2019: Teaching art theory at Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän. View of the bay seen from the school. <3


  April 20, 2019: On Easter Saturday afternoon the artists did talks about their works and the issues they raise. Here Daria Bogdanska speaking about her piece on unions and their inability to organize the most vulnerable groups like precarious workers, people without papers, hired by the hour etc. Coming from her own experience as an illicit worker, she now organizes other workers in the same situation at vegetable-packing industries in the region of Skåne, southern Sweden. In the background: Johannes Samuelssons piece: Berry Seasons / Bärtider, a project in documentary photography and text, that follows the globalised wild berry industry, where migrant workers primarily from Thailand pick blueberries in northern Sweden under difficult conditions, which are then exported to be refined and sold as mainly as health supplements in China.


  April 19-20-21, 2019: Magdalena Nordin: Omprövningen: En film om a-kassan / The review: A film about the unemployment benefit scheme. Magdalenas 30 minutes film about the bureacratic turns in a conflict about a debt to the unemployment insurance was shown in the movie theatre. Read more about the piece here.



April 19-20-21, 2019: Kanslibyrån (Per-Arne Sträng & John Huntingon) with their new piece Arbetsrum / Workroom, an installation made out of thousands of paper clips, in the big red hangar. Read more about Kanslibyrån here.



April 19-20-21, 2019: Johannes Samuelsson: Bärtider / Berry Seasons. Johannes' work on the blueberry exploitation of the northern part of Sweden was shown as a slide show in the huge green hangar. Read more about the work


  April 19-20-21, 2019: A work in progress version of my ongoing research project Life in 2.5 dimensions, shown in the container at Gylleboverket, as part of the group show Latest news on wage slavery, curated by me during easter 2019.


  April 19-20-21, 2019: Daria Bogdanska: Prekariatet i alla länder, förena er! / Precariat in all countries, unite! This was the comic book writer and union organizer Daria's first installation in a fine art context.


  April 19-20-21, 2019: Frihetsförmedlingen / The Swedish Public Freedom Service talking to art audience interested in increasing their personal freedom. Read more about the Freedom Agency here.


  April 19-20-21, 2019: Frida Klingberg: Bastu för arbetslösa / Sauna for unemployed. Installation view of used towels with sweat from unemployed people hired by Frida to tell their experiences of being unemployed while having a sauna together. Their stories where edited and installed as a sound piece in a sauna at Gylleboverket.


  April 19, 2019: Opening of the show!


  April 18, 2019: Swedish national newspaper Aftonbladet thinks that our exhibition is the most exciting thing happening during all the Easter art rounds in Sweden. ;-)

  April 19-21, 2019: Senaste nytt om löneslaveriet / Latest news on wage slavery, at Gylleboverket, Österlen. Some pre- press from Dagens Nyheter, Ystads Allehanda, Arbetaren & Österlen-magasinet came out the days before the opening!


April 19-21, 2019: Senaste nytt om löneslaveriet / Latest news on wage slavery, an easter exhibition at Gylleboverket, Österlen, curated by me. A group of artists whose work start a conversation on how the conditions on the labour market have changed during the latest decades. Participating artists: Daria Bogdanska, Johannes Samuelsson, Frida Klingberg, Frihetsförmedlingen, Kanslibyrån, Magdalena Nordin & myself.
See more at: Gylleboverket.



April 11-18, 2019: Back at Umeå Academy of Fine Art, teaching two workshops, relating to collaboration, group dynamics and artistic processes. <3 Norrland!

  April 7, 2019: The Drinking Brothers are playing some music and performing their latest photo story from their lives in Rome, at Musikakademin, a metoo-related event including several female musicians; Julija Morgan, Rakel Emhjellen Paulsen, Jenny Sunesson & Anna Giertz, at Musikvalvet Baggen, Gamla Stan, Stockholm. Produced by artist, journalist and musician Cecilia Josefsson. <3 #metoo


  April 6, 2019: Stefan Karlssons Museum för dålig konst releases a book featuring artists who have exhibited in the museum over the years, and the Drinking Brothers are in it! See more at Modko!


April 1, 2019: Guest teaching today at the Master Program in Documentary Processes, at StdH, Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola / Stockholm University of the Arts. Lecturing about how I work as an artist with documentary material, and discussing issues like storytelling, rules, structures, borders and ethics in documentarism with very engaged and interesting students! Read more about the program here.

  March 19, 2019: MTA at Circolo Scandinavo. Me presenting the photo story of the Drinking Brothers lives in Rome. See the Brothers pages soon for images!


  March, 2019: Freelancing has it's upsides. Like teaching photo theory online at Falkenberg Art School, from my balcony in Exarchia, with a view of Athens.


  February 2019: As part of my resarch on emotional, performative and aesthetic labour, for the ongoing project Life in 2.5 dimensions, I hired an "instagram boyfriend" for a tour around the historic sights of Rome, to take favourable photos of me in these classic milieus.


  February 2019: The Drinking Brothers are living la dolce vita in Rome! Reluctant to cross the river, intimidated by the eternal city and her ancient artistic wonders, they spend most of their day at the classic Bar San Callisto in Trastevere, with other regulars.


  February-March 2019: Temporarily relieved from Swedish 24/7 cognitariat work ethic, following my desire to revel in Italian critical theory on contemporary alienation of the working soul... Berardi, Lazzarato etc. Writing an essay...


  February-March 2019: Residency at Circolo Scandinavo, Trastevere, Rome, for two months. I present my work to the public at the MTA on Feb 19, Benvenuto!



December 2018: Excited to be part of this interesting exhibition on the topic of weapons industry, opening in 2019 at Neue Gesellschaft fur bildende Kunst in Berlin. More info here soon: Up in Arms.


  December 19, 2018: News! I will be curating a show on the topic of changes in the labour market / new structures of wage slavery, over Easter 2019, April 19-20-21, at Gylleboverket, a self organized space for contemporary art in the countryside of Skåne, during the (in)famous "easter art round". aka Konstrundan på Österlen. More info, artists, title of the show etc to be announced beginning of 2019.


December 18, 2018: The Drinking Brothers are featured in Klubb Kahlo's new cool zine about Lifestyle. The Brothers are very content to be included in an up-and-coming context run by young artists. ;-)



December 14, 2018. Issue 4 / 2018 of magazine Konstnären (The Artist), published by KRO, Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, (the national artist organisation of Sweden), has the theme "new artist roles" with special focus on collectives. 0s+1s Collective is interviewed about self-organizing and collaboration within a (still) predominantly individualist art world. On the cover is 3/4 of 0s+1s, aka Osäkerhetsprincipen /The Uncertainty Principle, a group that produces performance events inviting other artists. Read the article here (in Swedish).

  December 5, 2018: Lecturing at Väners-borgs konsthall about my work, diverse collaborations and analyzing power structures in the art world.

  November 3, 2018: Local paper Gefle Dag-blad asking the question wether we will soon be able to rent new parents in Sweden too, if we are not happy with the old ones.


  November 3, 2018: Local paper Arbetar-bladet (The Workers Paper) writing a pre-report on the exhibition and raising the issue of how emotional labour is spreading into more and more fields of work.


  November 3-18, 2018 Opening of Life in 2.5 dimensions at Galleri Lars Palm, c/o BackBeatBolaget, Sandviken. Installation view of concentrated audience...





  Gallery Lounge with press clips+ finished pink vegan candy ;-)


  Entrance to the gallery!

  November 3-18, 2018: Galleri Lars Palm in Sandviken is part of national network of noncommercial spaces for contemporary art, Konstfrämjandet, with focus on art and society. Galleri Lars Palm is a self-organised space run by artists as part of local youth cultural organisation BackBeatBolaget.



November 3-18, 2018: Life in 2.5 dimens-ions is showing at Galleri Lars Palm / Kungen, a self organised culture house that has hosted thousands of punk bands, non commercial artists and collective youth initiatives like graffiti project “Klotterinstitut-et” since the early 90s, in the small Swedish industrial town of Sandviken. <3 My art is in the right place! Curators: Karin Bäckström & Jon Perman / BackBeatBolaget.


  October 20, 2018: The concentrated audience followed almost 3 hours of performance art.


  October 20, 2018: Documentation of Paola Torres Nunez del Prado's performance act Tender Room 2.0, where a drone is filming her while she is breast-feeding in a closed room. The image is live-streamed to another room where the audience is.


  October, 20, 2018: Documentation from Vida Lavéns performance About Barbara Payton at the legendary event & masquer-ade ball Stå där med tvättad hals, procuced by OP, Osäkerhetsprincipen.


  October 20. 2018: Osäkerhetsprincipen / The Uncertainty Principle's event Stå där med tvättad hals at Bångska våningen, Stureplan, Stockholm, SE. A glamourous evening filled with performance art by: Ivoncita la Lolita: Devil in disguise, Erik Thörnqvist: Kicki Office, Ami Kohara: Lambrusco, Sara Edström: Midlife Crisis Pop Songs, Vida Lavén: Om Barbara Payton, Paola Torres Nunez del Prado: Tender Room 2.0, Träningsverk med risk för huvudvärk: Gratis Live Show, & DJ Sleepy Cat / Annabell Chin: Mothers of HipHop. Image from TRV's show!


  October 15-19, 2018: This week I am doing a workshop at Umeå Art Academy with BA 2 students about methods to increase equality in groups according to the flat organizing consensus method and constructive feedback after DasArts & philosopher Karim Bennamars methods for collective thinking.


  September 29: Installation view of Life in 2.5 dimensions at Galleri Syster, Luleå, SWE. The exhibition is up until October 13.


  September 29, 2018: Presentation at the premiere opening of Life in 2.5 dimensions, a 77 minutes video installation at Galleri Syster, Luleå, SWE.


  September 29 - October 13, 2018: Outside view of the glitter cube installation at Galleri Syster, Luleå.



Three-dimensional life is the complex physical reality where we live, work, hug each other, eat food, miss the bus, get sick, cheated on, obese, feel unseen and get depressed. The two-dimensional life is the exciting, beautiful, dramatic, entertaining, empathetic and flat world of pictures, tv-series and computer games. In two-dimensionality everything is much easier, and we choose to spend more and more time there.What happens when the boundaries between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional worlds are erased? When everyone uses filters to look better and just post about their successes, but not setbacks? When you can marry your beloved animé character in a VR game? When you can rent a partner who is always cute, kind and happy? In the video installation Life in 2.5 dimensions people who work with renting out their feelings tell their stories. These people, sakura workers, hostesses or rentals, support themselves by acting as family members, partners, parents or friends in our ordinary physical reality. We also hear researchers on emotional sociology and digital pop culture analyze a society where an increasing proportion of community and belonging can be purchased in the form of performative, aesthetic and emotional service work. The 77 minutes video piece reflects on how the increased degree of representation and performativity, both professionally and socially, is associated with the development of global experience capitalism and how the escalating consumption of computer games and social media affects our relationships and emotional life.


  October 6, 2018: The Drinking Brothers are performing together with several other artists and musicians at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, as part of the #metoo-related event Musikakademin, curated by Cecilia Josefsson.


  September 4-13, 2018: Two weeks of start up workshops with students at Österlenskolan, foundational art school, Simrishamn, Sweden, in this beautiful old port warehouse.



August 20, 2018: It's official! The next bombastic performance art event by The Uncertainty Principle / Osäkerhetsprincipen: Stå där med tvättad hals - en maskeradbal will be held at Bångska våningen, Stureplan, Stockholm, Saturday October 20, 16-23. Participating artists see poster to the left, official afterparty to be announced soon! Start preparing your costumes for the masquerade dear fans of OP! This time dresscode will be strict!





August 18, 2018: Last week of the exhibition at Södertälje konsthall, The future was at her fingertips by 0s+1s Collective. The show is up until August 25.


  July - August 2018: Unclear how these titles are connected? Hopefully it will be more obvious during the summer when I connect these analyzes to my interviews with Japanese workers who perform rather extreme forms of emotional, performative, aesthetic and in some ways erotically charged labour, and to how this is related to the development of global capitalism, precarity, image-based media and changing of gender roles during the latest two decades. The result, my new multi channel video installation Life in 2.5 dimensions will be shown at Galleri Syster, Luleå, opening September 29, & Galleri Lars Palm, Sandviken, opening November 10. Time to wrap up my research...!

  June 29, 2018: Preparing for the autumn! Osäkerhetsprincipen / The Uncertainty Principle is planning the autumns big performance event Stå där med tvättad hals, a masquerade ball! It will take place at Bångska våningen, Stureplan, Sthlm, on Saturday October 20 from 15-23. Artists to be announced soon!


  June 9 - August 25, 2018: The exhibition is open during the whole summer! Welcome!


  June 16, 2018: The Drinking Brothers got a really positive review in Göteborgsposten, Swedish daily paper. The critic refers to the novel The Man of the Crowd, by Edgar Allan Poe (1840), and the romantic ideal of the flaneur artist with savoir vivre, who incessantly exploits the female body,

  June 15, 2018: The Drinking Brothers performing at Stefan Karlssons museum för dålig konst, in Gothenburg, SE. The Brothers held speeches to each other's geniuses, celebrating the fact that they have been chosen to take seat in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and venerating each othes 120 year long careers as artistic geniuses, travelling from one romantic city to the other. Recognition, finally!


  June 11, 2018: Visiting artist run gallery Lars Palm in Sandviken, Sweden, planning together with curator Karin Bäckström for my solo show in November. Lars Palm is part of BackBeatBolaget, a self-organised cultural center that organises different kinds of cultural events, festivals, concerts etc in a big house in Sandviken. Galleri Lars Palm is also part of the non-commercial network of exhibition places Konstfrämjandet.


  June 9, 2018: Performance at the opening in Södertälje konsthall. 0s+1s Collective reading parts of the book Zeros + Ones - women and the new technoculture , written by Sadie Plant in 1997.


  June 9, 2018: Installation view of parts of The future was at her fingertips - digital ambivalence, cyborging and techno-feminism, the show by 0s+1s Collective at Södertälje konsthall. Open til August 25.


  June, 2018: Preparations for the 0s+1s solo show in Södertälje konsthall! See their site:
The future was at her finger-tips. And the 64 pages catalogue designed by us is ready! Read it online here at issuu. (Front cover to the left)

  May 18, 2018: Self-appointed therapist. Documentation from performance Personal Consultation, at Revolve, Uppsala Konstmuseum. Each visitor had 15 minutes to tell their story, talk about how they feel right now, and ventilate problems they struggle with in their lives. The were listened to, affirmed, supported, got help to analyze their situation, and advice how to deal with difficulties. Thanks to all the participants. <3 Everything will be ok. <3

  May 18, 2018: "Personal Consultation. Do you experience a need to talk to someone? Does your life situation require reflection and a place to articulate yourself in order to move forward? Have you experienced something that you need to process? Are you in need of guidance? Do you feel lost? Confused? Would you need a coach? Someone who listens and asks the right questions? Welcome to book a personal consultation. Free of charge." Personal Consultation, one-to-one performance during Revolve Performance Art Days at Uppsala konstmuseum.


April 2018: Review of Mozart's Ghost by Johanna Martell in Paletten Art Journal. Overall critical but it is the fourth critic who appreciates the depth, historical content and contextualisation that 0s+1s Collective offer to the exhibition. Also glad that she specifically mentions my film Feminism and weapons on export in appreciative words.
Read here! (In Swedish)



April 10, 2018: Applications are open for my summer course at Österlens konstskola. An intensive theory course over 4 days, July 9-12, introducing the modern and contemporary concept of art, the artist role and the art world through critical perspectives, historical knowledge and humour. A crash course especially targeted at relatives of artists and art students who don't understand what contemporary art is but want to know. The summer course is held at the beautiful Swedish south east coast of Österlen, well known for its cluster of painters trying to depict the picturesque sea landscape.. ;-) Read more and apply:
Österlenskolan sommarkurser


  April 2-8, 2018: In Finland this week filming traditional Karelian lamenters for my project on emotional labour, Life in 2.5 dimensions. Pirkko, 80, here performs a lamenting song for an organisation of elderly war children, about the sorrow following being sent away from home during WWII. It was women who in Nordic pagan society knew how to express the sorrows of passage rites such as marriage and death. Lamenting lived on in the eastern Finnish landscape of Karelen because the orthodox Russian church was more tolerant towards pagan customs than western Protestants. Karelian girls where taught how to express grief, so during hard times, they could go to the woods and cry-sing out their sorrows, and then come back relieved. Today’s outsourcing of emotional labour through paid services has crushed the community bonds and traditional functions such as lamenters, developed during thousands of years.


  March 27, 2018: Art critic Fredrik Svensk at Swedish paper Aftonbladet calls 0s+s Collective a break with "extreme individua-lism in contemporary feminist internet art", in his review of Mozart's Ghost at Göteborgs konsthall. Read here (in Swedish).



March 2018: Sketching / constructing moodboards for my upcoming installation / solo show Life in 2.5 dimensions at Galleri Syster this autumn.


  March 22, 2018: Taking part in a film screening and discussion about #metoo and #konstnärligfrihet, with my old piece Becoming Woman, at Cnema, Norrköping, together with artists Aldis Ellertsdottir Hoff, Sissi Westerberg & Roxy Farhat, curated by Verkstad konsthall & Annika Bergqvist Kupiainen.



March 5-7, 2018: Teaching a three days theory course on social structures in the art world for students at online fundational Falkenberg Art Shool.


  March 5, 2018: Anarchist magazine Brand (since 1898) published a short speech I held at the panel discussion on the Swedish art world's #metoo at Moderna museet in Sthlm in December. To read the text click Dear Art World


  February, 2018: 0s+1s Collective are happy to announce our upcoming solo show The future was at her fingertips - digital ambivalence, cyborging, and technofeminism at Södertälje konsthall in June this year. Our group investigates historical and contemporary aspects of cyberfeminism and technology from feminist perspectives. In Södertälje, we will show our communal artistic work together with research from the last five years in one big purple installation! More info soon at our website:


  February 12, 2018: Review in Kunstkritikk of Mozart's Ghost, Ensam framför skärmen / Alone in front of the screen. The critic mentioned the work by 0s+1s Collective as the value of the show, what stayed with her. She especially appreciated Choterina Freer's video piece Impatient voices and Anna Kinbom's music.


  February 2, 2018: Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish national daily paper, review of Mozart's Ghost. Headline: The dream of internet's feminist potential is alive. Image of one of 0s+1s three installations, with Anna Kinbom's work (right) and Choterina Freer's video (left).


  January 31, 2018: Blouin Art Info, internatio-nal web based art news magazine, writes about Mozart's Ghost, illustrated here by Rut Karin Zettergrens drawing on internet structural history, as part of 0s+1s Collective's work.


  January 25, 2018: Swedish daily paper Dagens Nyheter publishes a review of Mozart's Ghost. According to the art critic Dan Jönsson, who is quite critical of the exhibition in general, the work of 0s+1s Collective "saves the exhibition", although he also calls our work "a bit dry". Read the review (in Swedish) here: Cyberfeminism: Trevande om fysiska och digitala kroppar.


  January 30, 2018: Opening of Dig in Japan at the Eastasian Museum, Sthlm. I choose to talk about an old wood carving from late 18th century depicting the geisha Hanaogi and her two kamuro and shinzo, maids, by the artist Hosoda Eishi, and will talk about the brutal living conditions for geishas in the red light district of Yoshiwara in northern Tokyo during hundreds of years, and the role that artists played in the nightlife, ukiyo. See the 10 minutes video here.
(Detail from the wood carving).


  January 30, 2018: Premiere of the first short film in the Dig in Japan series produced by the Eastasian Museum in Stockholm, where they invite different people to choose a object from their Japanese collections to discuss it together with the curator of Japanese art Petra Holmberg. The series is part of the official celebration of 150 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan. During the opening there will be a public discussion between Petra and myself and a possibility for the audience to ask questions.


  Jan 17, 2018: Lecture and discussion with students at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm about art world power structures, art historical patriarchal heritage and possibilites of opening up the concept of contemporary art towards something more inclusive, free, democratic and much more exciting and interesting!



January 2018: Newspaper Syre interviews curator Alida Ivanov about the Mozart's Ghost show at Göteborgs konsthall, and feminism on internet since the 90's til today.
Read the text (in Swedish) here.


  Dec 16, 2017: Panel discussion on the Swedish artworld's #metoo appeal named #konstnärligfrihet (artistic freedom) in the Mozart's Ghost exhibition: How do we move on after #metoo and how can the art world break with sexist and patriarchal structures?


  Dec 13, 2017: Panel discussion about #metoo and the responsibility of the art institutions at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.


  Dec 10, 2017: Review of Mozart's Ghost in Göteborgsposten. Headline: Dystopic tune in Mozart's Ghost.


  Dec 10, 2017: Review in Göteborgsposten by Kajsa Widegren on Mozart's Ghost. The latter part screenshot here is about the work of 0s+1s and particularly my piece Feminism and weapons on export. (Click title in the menu to the left to see the video.)


  Dec 2017: Installation view of Mozart's Ghost, works by 0s+1s Collective. Rut Karin Zettergrens video/performance lecture Soft Light on Alpabeth Inc.


  Dec 2017: Installation view of Mozart's Ghost, works by 0s+1s Collective. Choterina Freers video Impatient voices, 2016.


  Dec 2017: Installation view of Mozart's Ghost, works by 0s+1s Collective. Here Anna Kinboms music videos Cyberfeminism is a song and Cyborgs together with research material on cyberfeminism and history of women and technology.


  Dec 2017: Surveilling the surveillers (Övervakningen av övervakarna) new piece by Rut Karin Zettergren & myself, in Mozart’s Ghost. 16 military places around Gotland, filmed with infra red, and notes on possible future strategic use by underground intersectional guerilla.


  Dec 2017: Installation view Mozart's Ghost. Left: Feminism and weapons on export. Center: Surveilling the surveillers. Right: Various research on technology and militarism from gender perspectives.


  Dec 2017: Installation view Mozart's Ghost.


  Dec 9, 2017: Opening of Mozart's Ghost.


  Dec 9, 2017: Opening of Mozart's Ghost, a group exhibition on internet art, cyberfemin-ism and digital resistance at Göteborgs Konsthall. Curated by Alida Ivanov.



Dec 8, 2017: Daily paper ETC publishes a report on the upcoming exhibition, featuring interview with 0s+1s Collective about cyberfeminist history. Read it (in Swedish!) here: Cyberfeminism i ständig förändring


  Dec 7, 2017: Göteborgsposten publishing a report on the upcoming Mozart's Ghost exhibition, featuring 0s+1s Collective.


  Dec 9, 2017: Opening of Mozart's Ghost at Göteborgs konsthall. Swedish premiere of my 50 minutes essay film Feminism and weapons on export, as part of the 0s+1s Collective's project The Legacy Complex presented in the exhibition, that goes on until april 15, 2018. The research work of 0s+1s Collective constitutes the basis of the exhibition, our reserach and works from 4 years back are installed in three stations. Video pieces also by: Silvia Bianchi, Petra Cortright, Militza Monteverde, Angela Washko, _lit_city_ (Alicia Hansen och Sara Thisner), Jeanette Hayes, Vida Lavén, Iris Smeds & Amalia Ulman.


  December 1, 2017: Prepping our website www.0s1s.net in feminist purple for the opening of Mozart’s Ghost, as well as trying tricks to make our various tech devices accept our video files, designing collages and printing radical texts, collecting revolutionary books for our multi media installations on three purple stations, representing the ongoing seminar on cyberfeminism, democracy, genealogy of technology and other topics we have been researching during the last 4 years! Ready to reveal our sources to the audience. See you in Gothenburg!


  November 14, 2017: External examinator for Karolina Oxelväg's Master degree exhibition The Compliment Machine. At 10:00-12:00, Galleri Mejan, the student gallery of Kungl. Konsthögskolan / The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.


  November 6-17, week 45+46, 2017: Online teaching at Falkenberg Art School, the only digital distance art school in Sweden. Doing one course for the first year on aestheticized labour, performativity, precarity and art, and one for the second year on photographic storytelling, the image society, relations between commercial and artistic conditions of visual communication, historically and today. So much fun chatting in the application system, developed in the early 2000s, with students in different places and different time zones.


  November 1, 2017: Jyokanji buddhist temple in Minowa, northern Tokyo, was founded in 1655. It is situated just outside the walls of Shin Yoshiwara, the red light districts of old Edo. The beauty of the young women forced to sell their bodies there were often portrayed in wood carvings by the male artists of the time. But when they passed away, no one wanted to pay for their funeral, so their bodies were thrown outside the gates of the temple at night. 25’000 women were buried here. This sculpture of an anonymous geisha playing her shamisen reminds us of the precarity of women working in insecure jobs in various entertainment industries like aidoru, meido café, kyabakura, hostess and the whole grey-scale of selling femininity, but also of the general conditions for women's lives around the world. When young, beautiful and less sure of ourselves we are wanted by men, and exploited by capitalist society. But when we grow old, wise, experienced, sure of ourselves, we are not as attractive to the same patriarchal system. To me this sculpture expresses the tragedy of life under these conditions.


  October 25, 2017: Workshop on collaborat-ion, performance and group behaviour with graduate and undergraduate students of sociology under professor Masayuki Okahara. The workshop was held by Hiroko Tsuchimoto and myself as part of the Keio University Art Based Research Festival.


  October 23, 2017: In Tokyo for 2 weeks, researching on emotional, performative and aesthetic labour, in relation to the development of technology, for my research project Life in 2.5 dimensions. Left: Future use of humanoids in service labour and entertainment industry.


  October 15, 2017: Public event at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, with collaborative performance pieces by the participants in the "Together?" workshop as part of the youth program Museum Museum. To the bewilderment of the Sunday art audience, admiring paintings of naked girls by Munch and Picasso in the Modernist collection, a group of three girls moved in and made themselves comfortable, turning the fine art museum into their own comfort zone. By: Andrea Lopez Robles, Klara Svejgard & Stina McChesney.



October 13-15: Together? is a workshop for young artists or art students age 18-25 on group behaviour, emotional management through art, collaborative, participatory and interventionist performance practices. Held by performance artist Hiroko Tsuchimoto and myself at Moderna Museet, Stocholm during one weekend in October 2017. For more info and to sign up click link below:
Tillsammans? at MM


  October 6, 2017: Inauguration speech by the Swedish ambassador at the opening of The Legacy Complex exhibition at Casa Victor Hugo, Havana Vieja, Cuba.

  October 6, 2017: Premiere of Feminism and weapons on export, the film version, at the TLC exhibition at Havana Vieja, Cuba.


  October 6, 2017: Opening of El complejo Legado / The Legacy Complex, at Casa Victor Hugo, Havana Vieja. Organized by Naun Juarez, invited by the Swedish embassy for the Swedish Cultural weeks in Cuba 2017. Open until November 1.


  October 6, 2017: El Complejo Legado / The Legacy Complex by 0s+1s Collective, opens in Casa Victor Hugo, Habana Vieja, Cuba. The exhibition is part of the Swedish Cultural weeks, arranged by the Swedish Embassy at Fabrica de Arte Cubano. TLC is a video art exhibition by Swedish/British 0s+1s Collective on the interconnecting military, filmic, social and personal histories located on the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea. 0s+1s is an ongoing research and production project by Jenna Collins, Choterina Freer, Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom and Rut Karin Zettergren. The interests of the group include the politics of technology, cyberfeminist practices and non-hierarchical collaborative structures.



September 27, 2017: Radio program by Ulrika Briandt Svensson for Swedish Radios youth education department, on anarchist agitator Emma Goldman. I am
interviewed together with Lisa Gålmark. <3
Bildningsbyrån: Emma G



September 2, 2017: Opening of Reseberättelser från våra år på kontinenten / Travelogues from our trips on the continent, a solo show at Aguélimuséet, Sala, by Dryckesbröderna, The Drinking Brothers. Performance at 2 PM.

Läs Brödernas Långrandiga tal om sitt konstnärliga arbete och resande under åren 1869-1917 här: Brödernas blog

  August 24 - September 2, 2017: The Drinking Brothers are in residence at Ivan Aguélis museum in Sala, Västmanland. During the residence they are reading letters from their dear friend Ivan aloud on several public places around town. For the schedule see here: Aguélimuseet

  Still from video piece Feminism and weapons on export: The re-militarisation of Gotland. The vast Tofta shooting range south of Visby was deserted for a long time, but now hosts a brand new facility, built for 1 billion kronor. It is the first new establishment of a garrison in Sweden since the 1980's, now hosting 300 soldiers.


Still from video piece Feminism and weapons on export: War producing gender. Entertaining the troops: Marilyn Monroe in Korea 50's, Vietnam 70's, British forces in Afghanistan 2013 & Lili Marlene popular on several sides during WWII.

  Still from video piece Feminism and weapons on export: List of militarist values according to researcher in political science Cynthia Enloe, as defined in her book Globalization and Militarism - Feminists make the link.

  Still from video piece Feminism and weapons on export: Militarism requires a thinking where there are protectors and those who need to be protected.

  Still from video piece Feminism and weapons on export: Stories related to gender are a common way of justifying war. When the US attacked Afghanistan in 2001, it was said that the aim was to save women from oppression and burqas, although it was really about revenge. Feminist researchers draw parallels to the ancient greek myth of the beautiful Helen, whose abduction was used as a pretext for the Trojan war.


Summer 2017: Intense editing on the video piece Feminism and weapons on export: Masculinization VS feminization: When Swedish Commander in Chief in 2014 confirmed that a submarine had violated Swedish waters, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister called Swedish military "unmanly". Background image from stranded Soviet submarine outside southern Swedish east coast in 1981.

  July, 2017: On this beach, at the southern point of the island of Gotland, in the Baltic sea between Russia and Sweden, I spent the first 15 summers of my life. These years, between 1975 and 1990, were also the last years of the Cold War. As a child I played among these World War II bunkers, collecting empty vodka bottles thrown overboard from military ships patrolling the Baltic sea. Soviet broadcast could be overheard on FM radio, the loud noise from rehearsing Viggen fighter planes flying low over the beach made the grown-ups grave and silent. Stories were told of suspicious vans parked close to fenced military protection areas, surely filled with Russian spies listening in to secret communication. When picking berries in the woods, I suddenly stood face to face with an armed soldier.
Text excerpt from work in progress essay film on militarism, weapons export and Sweden's feminist foreign policy, part of The Legacy Complex, by the 0s+1s Collective.

  July 8, 2017: 0s+1s Collective is taking part in Work Hard! Play Hard! Transmission festival in Minsk, Belarus."This year WH!PH! gives a level look at processes, taking place on multiple speeds, at their networking, overlapping and breakdowns; to learn about emotional labour and liquidity of our desires; to problematize the tendency of services to become a mega-platform that monopolises our time; to discuss the possibilities of wide cooperation around actual economical questions (“It’s the Political Economy, Stupid”); to meet with human and non-human agents; to look at the backside of start-up culture; to give pleasure a political meaning; to dive into inhuman high-speed flows and to slow down artificially. Or not to do so. To collectivize the stress and to make it an instrument for solidarity." More nfo on: WH!PH!



May 2017: Developing my piece Feminism and weapons on export from the text version in The Legacy Complex exhibition at Gotlands Konstmuseum to video version for our next show at Fabrica de Arte Cubano in Havana, Cuba this autumn. The work
deals with the Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy, which is being conducted at the same time as the Swedish defence is escalated and the arms export continues.
I link this contemporary situation to the masculinization of popular culture in Hollywood cinema during the Cold War, to how gendering in general is relating to militarism, and to my own personal
memories of living in militarised southern Gotland between the years 1975-1990.


  May 11, 2017: Osäkerhetsprincipen, The Uncertainty Principle, a production and curation collective consisting of Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom & Rut Karin Zettergren presents "Med fingrarna i syltburken", a cabaret evening with a long line up of performance artists at Folkets park Hornstull / Cantina Real, Sthlm! See more info here: Med fingrarna i syltburken.


  April 12, 2017: Review in konsten.net of The Legacy Complex show at Gotlands konstmuseum. Read it (in Swedish) here.


  February-April 2017: Close up of Surveilling the surveillers. Documentation images from 16 different military places on Gotland, filmed with an infrared lens.


  February-April 2017: Surveilling the surveillers, a new piece by Sonia Hedstrand & Rut Karin Zettergren in collaboration, as part of The Legacy Complex. The installation is a result of documenting old and new strategic military posts around the island, which are marked on the map in the center, together with subjective and revolutionary conspiratorial comments about the possible use of these patriarchal hubs for take over by a intersectional feminist guerilla in the near future.


  February 18 - April 23, 2017: Installation view of the research room in The Legacy Complex exhibition at Gotlands konstmuseum. On the 0s+1s table the members of the group share our research, texts, books, web pages contextually relevant to the project.


  February 18, 2017: Opening of The Legacy Complex, exhibition by the 0s+1s Collective at Gotlands Konstmuseum, Visby. The Legacy Complex is an exhibition of new artworks by the British/Swedish 0s+1s Collective following a year of research into the interconnecting military, filmic, social and personal histories located on Gotland island from a feminist perspective. 0s+1s is an ongoing research and production project by Jenna Collins (UK), Choterina Freer (UK), Sonia Hedstrand (SE), Anna Kinbom (SE) and Rut Karin Zettergren (SE).


February 2017: Close up on polaroid installation at Centrum för Fotografi, CFF.


  February 2017: CFF installation view of 160 polaroid photos in a row, lit with light strand.


  February 2017: Ukiyo Diary at CFF. Detail.


  February 2017: Ukiyo Diary at CFF. Detail.


  February 9, 2017: Opening of Ukiyo Diary at CFF, Centrum för Fotografi, Sthlm. 34 channel video installation.


  March 2017: My essay The performative worker is published in art magazine Hjärnstorm. The text talks about my own research based art projects, about performative labour based on personal experiences in femininely coded service work, the art historical relationship between the male artist and the waitress girl in the night club, and today´s ubiquitous forms of emotional and aesthetic labour that the precariat is increasingly forced to perform. Read the whole article here.


  Interview in Fotografisk tidskrift issue 1 2017, magazine for photographers organisation Svenska fotografers förbund about the exhibition at CFF. Questioning of power positions in relation with the camera.


  February 22, 2017: Interview in Swedish daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, about the exhibition at CFF.


  December 2016: Teaching a 2 weeks course for first and second year students at Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän about the social structures of the art field(s). An image of the school in the remote west coast Bottnafjord at the darkest time of the year.


  November 2016: Lecturing about my work for prof. Okaharas class of graduate and doctoral students in sociology of emotions at Keio University, Tokyo.


  November 2016: Practicing chado, tea ceremony, in Ginza. Studying performative, social and emotional art forms.


  November 2016: Authentic Venezia care of Disneyland Sea in Tokyo Bay. Studying performativity of tourist-cities. Collaborator performance artist Hiroko Tsuchimoto.


  November 2016: Interview with Yoshi Kawada about his experiencies from different forms of service labour, in his bar in Shinjuku. Translator Hiroko Tsuchimoto.


  November 2016: One months research on emotional and performative labour in the Tokyo night life sevice sector, also known as Mizu Shobai, The Water Trade.



November 2016: Ordfront Magasin nr 5 2016 publishes my essay on Swedens feminist foreign policy and weapon export. Read the text (in Swedish) on:
OM's website or here.


  October 14, 2016: Ukiyo Diary opening at Galleri Verkligheten. Installation view of the bar with purikura posters.


  Installation view of Ukiyo Diary at Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå.



Installation view of Ukiyo Diary at
Galleri Verkligheten








October 14, 2016: Ukiyo Diary opens as 32 channel video installation + photos and purikura posters at Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå. The exhibition is on until Nov 6, Tuesdays to Saturdays 12-16.




October 2016: Installation view From Paris til Gerlesborg / Från Paris till Gerlesborg





October 5, 2016: Dryckesbröderna opens their mid career exhibition From Paris to Gerlesborg (Från Paris till Gerlesborg) at Galleri Gerlesborg on the west coast of Sweden. The exhibition is open until November 5th.








September 2016: Dryckesbröderna goes Bohuslän! The artistic brothers are travelling around the rocky western landscape for one month on bikes. Just to look for a picturesque fjord where they can start a painting school. Follow their adventures on instagram: dryckesbroderna









August 2016: Finally The Brothers can afford to paint along the white sands of Österlen! Bliss.











August 2016: The Drinking Brothers are residing on the romantic east coas of Skåne, Österlen during the summer, in order go catch inspiration for their painting careers. Unfortunately the brothers are too broke to have time to paint. They take on different seasonal jobs, here in the harbour of Skillinge. Not much fish in the box today.












  FRA surveillance systems at Hoburgen, Gotlands most southern spot.


  Re-militarization of Gotland: Newly built training wall for shooting at Tofta shooting field, just south of Visby. The wast area has been largely deserted since the end of the cold war, but is now used again by Swedish Military, because of recent tensions in the Baltic region.


  TLC research: Bunker disguised as rauk, Fårö. Filmed with infrared light.



July 2016: In residence at Baltic Art Center, Visby. Doing research for ongoing project The Legacy Complex. Drone flying over Hoburgen, southern Gotland, filmed with IR camera. The result will be shown at Gotlands Konstmuseum in early 2017.


  June 28-29, 2016: 0s+1s Collective held a two days seminar with invited guests on reasearch based art and the topics of our ongoing project The Legacy Complex. The symposium was held at Malongen, Sthlm. Read more: 0s+1s & TLC.


  June 11, 2016: Dryckesbröderna betalar av sina skulder / The Drinking Brothers paying off their debts with genial drawings. Performance at Tagen på bar gärning.



June 11, 2016: Osäkerhetsprincipen produces Tagen på bar gärning / Caught in the act, a performance and art event at Slipvillan, Långholmen, Sthlm. 16-22.
See also Osäkerhetsprincipen


  June 2016: Launch of homepage for Osäkerhetsprincipen, The Uncertainty Principle, production collective consisting of Anna Kinbom, Sonia Hedstrand & Rut Karin Zettergren. OP have worked together for many years, in different forms of collabo-rations, creating pieces together, assisting each other, and producing performance events, video screenings and more.


  June 3, 2016: Opening of Tres pies, el enigma de la sucesión, at MASIN, Museo de Arte de Sinaloa, Mexico. Group exhibition on aging, curated by Victor Palacios.



June, 2016: Mexican school kids watching my installation of Ama-san at Masin, Museo de Arte de Sinaloa in Culiacán, Mexico.







  May 26, 2016: Great Success for The Drinking Brothers at their honorable speeches dedicated to each others geniuses at Collect Yourself.


  May 28, 2016: The Drinking Brothers are invited to lecture at the Master Exhibition at the Royal Institute of Fine Art in Stockholm. They take the opportunity to teach the students a few things about the nature of true artistic genius, by holding two speeches to each others honor, by reason of both brothers well deserved election as new members of The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Art. Applause!


  May 2016: Ordfront Magasin nr 1 2016 publishes my essay The sculpted man, on male beauty ideals and the abs norm at the gym, in underwear ads and in western art history. Read the whole text at OM's web page or here.



  April-May 2016: Installation view of Ukiyo Diary at Skellefteå konsthall.



  April-May 2016: Entrance to the exhibition of Ukiyo Diary at Skellefteå konsthall..


  April 17, 2016: Ukiyo Diary - One Month in the Floating World is premiering as a full scale installation on 34 video channels, 3 hours video, 170 polaroids and 24 purikura posters covering 250 square meters at Skellefteå konsthall, Sweden. More info: Ukiyo Diary at Skellefteå konsthall 2016



March 2016: 0s+1s Collective in residence at Bergmangårdarna, Fårö. Research going on for The Legacy Complex, collective and individual pieces produced around the topic of the relationship between the historical development of technology for military purposes and the use of the same technology for artistic, and in this case, feminist purposes.




  0s+1s studio visit to Bungenäs, former limestone quarry and military area at Fårösund, northern part of Gotland. Former military bunker turned into hipster summerhouse.


  March 2016: 0s+1s Collective walking on Ingmar Bergmans private beach at Hammars, Fårö


January 2016: Publishing an argument in the debate about art pedagogics and teaching in art schools: What can a foundational art education be today? The text was part of the Dialogen series, published by Konstakademien. Together with headmaster of Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän Elin Wikström, and teacher at the same school Henrik Andersson. We also participated in a live debate at the Academy. Read the whole text here.



December 20, 2015: Atelier Ouvert at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France. Les Frères de la Bouteille show their oeuvre, travelogue stories in photography and text, updated with the lates one from Paris!

<<Le duo itinérant font chemin entre les bars et les musées du monde entier vêtu d'un costume des artistes de la fin du XIXième siècle. Aucun lieu n'est trop insignifiant, délabré ou banal pour nous deux voyageurs qui insufflent, à chacque lieu visité, un brin de leur esprit artistique. Certes talentueux, le duo n'est pas très chanceux et tend à vivre un peu à la marge. Les Frères sont constamment en mouvement, leur regard se déplace dans la ville, ses ruelles et arcades, profanes ou exaltées.>>


  Even later December 2015: The Brothers are back on their feet again! Making a living from painting on Place du Tertre.


  Late December 2015: The Drinking Brothers are experiencing some hardship in Paris, but will soon be back on their feet. If only they could sell a painting!



December 2015: The Drinking Brothers are writing The Great Novel About Paris at their favourite café. They lack funds to heat up their small rental room, so they work in cafés and bars during the winter.






  Thinking hard about the meaning of life.


  December 2015: Dryckesbröderna / The Drinking Brothers are living the real artist life in Paris! They can not afford to eat, but are drinking and painting excessively. The Brothers are young and talented. At least fairly young and fairly talented. Life is good!


  December 18, 2015: Relative Distance, a video screening on the topic of women, technology and cyberfeminism. 0s+1s Collective show their own work together with artistic references at Intimate Space, St Petersburg. Invited by curator Masha Kotlyachkova. 0s+1s are artists Jenna Collins, Choterina Freer, Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom & Rut Karin Zettergren.




  December 11, 2015: Ernestina García Ortega, Secretary of Cultural Affairs in Alhaurin de la Torre, speaks at the opening of the exhibition.


  December 11, 2015: Opening of Catching: From hunting-gathering to emotional labour at CulturAlh, Alhaurin de la Torre, Andalusia, Spain. Solo exhibition combining the two video installations Ama-san and Ukiyo Diary.


  December 11, 2015: Poster for Catching: From hunting-gathering to emotional labour / Apresando: de la caza-recolección al trabajo emocional at CulturAlh, Alhaurin de la Torre, Andalusia, Spain.


  November 21, 2015: Ukiyo Diary the film novel is part of the Artists' Book Salon at Husby Konsthall, Sweden. More info at: Husby Konsthall


  October - November 2015: Ukiyo Diary the film novel is part of Pop Up Library Artist book exhibition at Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå, Sweden and also shown at Open Studios, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden.

October 2015: Dryckesbröderna / The Drinking Brothers are in Venezia, enjoying life, art and the various drinks that the city has to offer! Bellinis... Spritz... Look out for their travelogue soon to be published!


  August 2015: Dagens Nyheter writes two short notices about The Drinking Brothers exhibition and performance at Candyland.




  August 28, 2015: The Drinking Brothers holding an auction at Gallery Candyland, talking about their landscape paintings and selling them at any price to the audience.


  August 28, 2015: Opening of the Drinking Brothers first solo show in Stockholm at Gallery Candyland. Five travelogue series with polaroid photos and texts from Iceland, Gotland, Helsinki, Vienna and Berlin. The exhibition is open Friday to Sunday 28-30/8, 4-6/9 and 11-13/9 from 13-16.

  Summer 2015: Working temporarily as a principal of Gerlesborg art school on the west coast of Sweden. With new permanent principal and artist Elin Wikström!



June 20, 2015: Opening of Tres pies: el enigma de la sucesión, Casa del Lago, Mexico City, Group exhibition on the topic och aging and retirement, curated by Victor Palacios. Until September 20.
Casa del Lago


  June 18, 2015: Screening of short video piece Transgressive Photographer at Distant Relations, Gocart, Visby.


  June 18, 2015: Distant Relations, screening by 0s+1s Collective of the members own pieces together with chosen references at Gocart Gallery, Visby.


  June 13 - June 21, 2015: 0s+1s Collective in residence at BAC- Baltic Art Center, Visby. The 0s+1s has an ongoing seminar since 2013 on the themes of women, art, technology and cyberfeminism. Picture taken during a visit to Kustateljén in Fårösund, a huge former military hangar now used as a film studio for Film på Gotland.


  Installation shot from The Artist Travelogue.


  June 4, 2015: Opening of The Artist Travelogue at Gocart Gallery, Visby. A group exhibition by Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom and Rut Karin Zettergren,



  June 2015: Poster for exhibition The Artist Travelogue, featuring eight pieces by Anna Kinbom, Sonia Hedstrand and Rut Karin Zettergen. Video art work, performance, text and photography. First shown at Gocart Gallery, Visby summer 2015.


  June 5, 2015: What do we actually remember from our trips? The Drinking Brothers performance at PALS Play Tag - Part One: Poland-Sweden, performance evening at Fylkingen, Stockholm.


  Feb 24, 2015: Artist presentation and lectture on video art at the Art Department, UNILAG. University of Lagos,


  February 22, 2015: Work in progress screening of Nolly 2025, at PS Lagos.


  February 22, 2015: Open Studios at the Project Space Lagos, Badore, Nigeria.


  Jan 19-21, 2015: Women in film and video art - Nollywood Images. Workshop for students in Mass Communcation and Acting at KWASU, Kwara State University, Nigeria.


  February 13, 2015: Stars of Nolly 2025, actresses Ugochukwu Nwaeze, Naomi Diamond, Jumoke Olayemi and Patience Yisa. During the shooting in Badore.



Shooting in the Lagos Lagoon with Rut Karin Zettergren, Naomi Diamond, Ahmed Yusuf and Ayotunde Alao.







Jan - Feb 2015: Nollywood Hustlers in residence at Project Space Lagos, Nigeria.


  Dec 8-17, 2014: Feminist Perspecitives - workshop at Örebro Konstskola.


Oct 29 2014: The performance evening 15 minutes of Shame took place at Gallery Cigarrvägen 13, in the Stockholm suburb of Hökarängen. Line up: Lili von Wallenstein, Anna Kinbom, Catti Brandellius/ Evert Taube, Dryckesbröderna, Iris Smeds/ Vaska Fimpen, Gazelle Kianoush and Éva Mag. The event was hosted by performance trio Kulturtanterna, aka Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom & Rut Karin Zettergren. See Kulturtanterna's blog here.



  Oct 29 2014: Dryckesbröderna tar Island! / The Drinking Brothers take Iceland! a 15 minutes travelogue performance where the Brothers told the audience about their mythological trip to Iceland and all the adventures they experienced there. The act took place among eight others as part of the massive event 15 minutes of shame at Cigarrvägen 13.


  Oct 29 2014: During the whole 15 minutes of shame-evening Kulturtanterna appeared with video performance pieces as a treat in between each act and spread warmth to the audience with their generous and genuine love for art and culture. They spoke of their grandchildren and of memories from their wild life in the leftist scene of the 1960's and 70's, and encouraged young women to keep believeing in themselves and in art! See Kulturtanterna's blog here.



Oct 4, 2014: Ukiyo Diary is screened at Temporary Autonomous Zone 3 in Warsaw. Curated by feminist art collective ff.











Sept 28, 2014: Work in progress. See more on Dryckesbrödernas's blog soon!






Sept 22-30, 2014: The Drinking Brothers are travelling around Iceland, working on a new travelogue polaroid series.










Sept 19, 2014: Opening of Third Photospectrum, Jinsun Gallery, Seoul. Ukiyo Diary shown as a 19 channel installation.





  Local newspaper Gotlands Tidningar about The Drinking Brothers on Gotland.


  Local newspaper Gotlands Allehanda writing about The Drinking Brothers visit to the island, and the performance at GoCart.




Sept 12, 2014: The Drinking Brothers performed live with a travelogue from Gotland at Go|C|art Gallery in Visby.



Sept 1-14, 2014: The Drinking Brothers are on a two weeks residency at BAC, Baltic Art Center in Visby, Gotland.











9 september 2014: Dryckesbröderna residerar vid Baltic Art Center och skapar stor konst! Under gårdagen reste de hela vägen till Fårö för att måla raukar i korrekt perspektiv och fina dimensioner. En bättre bemedlad tante var god och bidrog med några riksdaler till färgtuber, Både ockra, zinkvitt, kadmiumgult och ultramarin kom väl till pass. På fredagen den 12 innevarande månad håller dessa beresta bröder en resberättelse på Galerie Go|C|art i hjärtat av Visby. Valda drycker utlovas en flitig åhörarskara! Väl mött lokala konstnärer och andra älskare av de sköna konsterna!!








Aug 29 2014: An excerpt from Ukiyo Diary shown at Kulturhusfestivalen Umeå.










August 2014: The books can now be found at online stores!! Buy your copy here. 690 pages in color! Everyone speaks English.











Finally! Special request upon popular demand!!! released by Bokbål förlag / publisher Lili von Wallenstein:
>>> Ukiyo Diary - One Month in the Floating World! <<<
The notorius photo novel, the mysterious decadent story about the amoral artist character Amanda, a boy photographer whose female gaze unveils the labyrinth of Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, in search of a muse among the young beautiful host boys, who will inspire her artistic genius so that she




June 20, 2014: The Drinking Brothers are on Display as part of Golden Dust Balls, at Extractor Space, London. Curated by Jenna Collins.









June 14 - Aug 16, 2014: Ama-san! is shown at Kulturhuset Cupolen, Värnamo, Sweden as a two channel installation.









is now represented by Värnamo Kulturhus with four videostills!






May 2014: Guest appearance in Clara Olausson's feature documentary Under Barcelona's short skirt, her exam film from Valand Academy.









Spring 2014: Storyboard for the Ukiyo book at Transit Kulturinkubator. 700 pages!









Spring 2014: Working late nights on the Ukiyo Diary book at Transit.











Spring 2014: Zeros+Ones is a internet-based collaboration on cyberfeminism, women and internet, inspired by Sadie Plants 1997 book by the same name. The group glance back at popular 90:s theories and concepts like the rhizome, nomadology and the simulacra. Zeros+Ones is: three London based artists Choterina Freer, Jenna Collins and Nicola Woodham + Sthlm-based Rut Karin Zettergren, Anna Kinbom and Sonia Hedstrand. See more at zeros+ones.





February 7, 2014: An exerpt from Ukiyo Diary was shown at XL Art Space, Helsinki, as part of the screening of Videography Collective On Tour.








November 2013: Nollywood Hustlers have moved in on a 2 years residence at Transit Kulturinkubator in Stockholm. We quickly decorated our corner with some juicy naijja film posters! See more info on Transit.










December 18, 2013: Nollywood Hustlers and Ukiyo Diary excerpt screened at Sign 6, Brussels on as part of Videograpy Collective On Tour.








Dec 15, 2013: 0s+1s launches the web show at Crystal Beacon online gallery. Participating artists: Sonia Hedstrand, Choterina Freer, Anna Kinbom, Adrianna Palazzolo & Rut Karin Zettergren.








Dec 15, 2013: Cyberfeminist art collective 0s+1s organized a screening at Arbeit Gallery, London with 14 video artists. More info see here.











Dec 6 2013: Håll i hatten broder! at Dans ♥ Stockholm Festival. A nostalgic evening around the table. You get 15 minutes exclusive encounter with The Drinking Brothers who will entertain you with their travelogues from European cultural cities. An event hosted by STOFF, Stockholm Fringe Festival at Restaurant Cloud Nine, Torsgatan 1, btw 9 - 11pm.







23 nov 2013: Dryckesbröderna håller hov på anrika Konstnärshuset! Puliken mutades med direktimporterat österrikiskt vin.. Bröderna bjöds in av Marja-Leena Sillanpää som en programpunkt under utställningen Dom vet att jag lyssnar.
/ The Drinking Brothers are entertaining an audience bribed by Austrian Grüner Veltliner wine at the old artist house in Stockholm.




November 20, 2013: Videography Collective On Tour at Bar du Bois during Vienna Art Week


















Videography Collective On Tour is a Swedish video art screening program travelling around Europe! See more at Videography Collective!









October 26, 2013: Stand Up and Perform is a one night performance event at Paulig Residence, Brussels, organized by Anna Kinbom, Sonia Hedstrand and Rut Karin Zettergren. Featuring Choterina Freer, Tom Hallet, Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom, Claire Serres, Anna Sörensson & Rut Karin Zettergren.

Documentation photo of Anna Kinbom's Guitar Performance.







October 24, 2013: Videography Collective On Tour screening at Butchers Tears, Amsterdam.









October 24, 2013: Videography Collective On Tour screening at Lost Property, Amsterdam.









September- November 2013: Ama-san showed as a 2 channel installation at Halmstads Konstmuseum.













July 20. 2013: Sakura Love Hostess Club, live performance as a part of Ukiyo Diary at Party Paradise no3, at Åbytorp by Walter Berggren, in Svartå, Sweden.







July 2013: Ama-san screened at Culture Unplugged, an international organization "witnessing global conciousness, with documentaries and films from storytellers around the world". See Culture Unplugged.















June 2013: Nollywood Hustlers working in the studio, hosted by Paulig Residence, Brussels. Free wine was supplied by the Manager.









Mid-March 2013: Back in Stockholm again.











Hustler, Hustlers: (informal)
A shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties. / Someone who is forced to use their brains to make it in this world. They outsmart the smart, cunning, and has streetsmarts. They know how to get money and is skilled at doing it to. / A hustler has ambition and a more serious approach to life then that of a gangsta or a pimp. He's more mature, and doesn't neccessarily carry a gun. It can apply to any race, and its the way you uphold and carry yourself. / A hustler is a person who works freelance for themselves to make fast money however they can. /
(definitions taken from Urban Dictionary).





March 2013: With our favourite crew member / fixer / driver / producer / notorius sweet talker dr. Ayotunde "Chubby" Alao at Sabo Yaba Ozone Cinemas, Lagos.












March 2013: Nollywood Hustlers hustleing in Lagos, Naijja!













Nollywood Hustlers making money in the Nigerian movie industry!











February 2013: Resarching in Nollywood!















Nov 17, 2012: Things that are far yet near was screened at One Night Stand pop up exhibiton at Cerebellum Art, Beijing. Curated by Kirsi Hyötylä.








Oct 28, 2012 - Displaced in Global Modernity, a one night pop up exhibiton in collaboration with Choterina Freer
at Bei Gao Studios, Beijing.










Oct - Nov 2012: Two months residency at Red Gate, Beijing. Picture of Red Gate Gallery at Dongbianmen, 600 years old Ming Dynasty Tower.









July-Aug 2012: SOMA Courtyard.











July-Aug 2012: Six week summer workshop "on the transformation of labor in artistic practice from the Second World War to the present" at SOMA, Mexico City. Overview of my studio space at San Pedro de los Pinos. More info at SOMA.










Oct 2011: Occupy Wallstreet demo on Times Square, with participants from Whitney Independent Study Program in New York City. I spent one year at Whitney 2011-2012. More on ISP here.










Purikura = Printu Krubbu = Print Club
Japanese automatic photoshopping photo booth, one medium used in Ukiyo Diary...











July - August 2011: Our favourite karaoke song at the Kabuki-cho host clubs at the dead end of night, and the soundrack to the multimedia project Ukiyo Diary.










July - August 2011: In Tokyo shooting Ukiyo Diary, assisted by Rut Karin Zettergren.








  June 1, 2011: Review of our Master degree show at the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Stockholm, in Konsten.net. Read the text here.




May-June 2011: Master exhibition at the Art Academy, Stockholm. Three channel installation of Ama-san!








May- June 2011: Ama-san! Solo show at Eastasian Museum, Sthlm. Video, photo & reproduction of old depictions of Japanese diving women, ama, in wood cut prints and photos from mid-1900s.










May 2011: Residency at Ricklundsgården, Saxnäs, Sweden.










  March 2011: Assisting Rut Karin Zettergren in Kampala, Uganda, on the shooting on her video work To Rebuild and Change Nature.



January 2011: Producing video stills in the studio at Mejan for the solo show Not one of them at Kristinehamns Konstmuseum in February.









  Nov 2010: Video workshop att Musashino Art University, Tokyo that resulted in the exhibition Sumiko. Installation of Musabi Worker.



Oct 2010: Solo master exhibition at Galleri Mejan, Kungliga Konsthögskolan,Skepps-holmen. Installation of Not one of them.











August 2010: Behind the scenes of the shooting of Ama-san! at Izu peninsula.









August 2010: Underwater-shooting of documentary video piece Ama-san! at Izu peninsula, Japan. Assisted by camera woman and scuba diver Annika Bergqvist-Kupiainen.








August 2010: Behind the scenes of the shooting of Ama-san! at Izu peninsula.









August 2010: Behind the scenes of the shooting of Ama-san! at Izu peninsula.











July 2010: Summer residency at Daniels-gården, Bingsjö, Dalarna, Sweden.










March 2010: Framing of one of my shodos at Tsukuba University Shodo Department, Tokyo. Thanks to my Shodo teacher Shiho Takei!














Dec 2009 - March 2010: Exchange tri-mester at Tsukuba University, Tokyo, Department of Art and Design.



















December 2009: Timeline sketch for short film Not one of them in the studio at Mejan, Royal Institute of Art, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.










Aug 2009: Swedish feminists translated into Korean at IWA Biennale.
















Aug 2009: Final installation of A Year of Sisterhood at IWA Biennale, Korea.











August 13, 2009: Discussing the installation of mulitchannel video work A Year of Sisterhood, an archive of activities of the Stockholm feminist movement during the years 2003-2004 at IWA Biennale, Incehon, Korea, with curator Hen-Gil Han & artist Åsa Elzén.








October 1 2005: Screening, presentation and seminar on A Year of Sisterhood with Åsa Elzén at Rooseum, Malmö.









September 2005: A Year of Sisterhood, solo show 11 channel installation at Galleri AK28, with Åsa Elzén.







March 8, 2005: A Year of Sisterhood is featured on the front page of Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's largest daily newspaper, with an interview with us about the work on International Women's Day.
















2004: A selection of videostills from A Year of Sisterhood, a 9 hours archive of 60 short reports on the activities of the Stockholm feminist movement during one year, 2003-2004, made by Sonia Hedstrand and Åsa Elzén.














June 2001: My first video art piece What is violence? was shown in the first exhibition I participated in, called Territorium, on this fortress called "God Natt" in the Karlskrona Archipelago. At this time I was still not an artist but an art critic and a reporter at Dagens Nyheter.